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Terrigal 19 07 2014

I have ‘Man flu’ at the moment!

So I have been shacked up inside for a few days going slightly mad! Some may say ‘ so what’s different’ 😉

I had to get out yesterday! I don’t like not getting out in the great outdoors! I don’t think we were meant too be cooped up!

I couldn’t really surf so next best thing is to get out and capture my favorite place! The Beach!

It wasn’t probably too smart as the weather went from cloudy, windy and cold to bright sunny and warm!

Hope you like the images as much as I loved getting out there!

Gotta love creation, and the power of it!


Ps Sorry for so many images! I just could leave any out! Scroll down if like! 😉

DGG_6254 DGG_6255
DGG_6256 DGG_6257 DGG_6258

DGG_6289 DGG_6286 DGG_6284 DGG_6281 DGG_6279 DGG_6274 DGG_6269 DGG_6266 DGG_6261 DGG_6252Ouch DGG_6250 DGG_6247 DGG_6241 DGG_6237 DGG_6234 DGG_6212 DGG_6206 DGG_6186 DGG_6182 DGG_6160 DGG_6152 DGG_6288 DGG_6263 DGG_6253 DGG_6199 DGG_6196 DGG_6186 DGG_6180 DGG_6178 DGG_6177 DGG_6176 DGG_6148

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