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Oldie but Goodie

I was going through some old images and found this image from back in December 2004. My parents lived right on Lake Macquarie, so it was very easy to get up to catch the sunrises, and also it was a great place to see the storms come across as well.

It was taken with my first DSLR the D70. I had the kit lens  18.0-70.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 on.

1/200 at f7.1 iso 200

For me it shows how you can still get great images from the older equipment! The clouds were very dramatic that morning. Not a lot done to it.  I raised the contrast and vibrancy a little, along with some exposure adjustment!

Might be looking back a little more. 🙂

As sure as dawn breaks,
so sure is his daily arrival. Hosea 6:3

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